Ford Fest MAGAt is a cringefest

Oh gawd, get a load of this:

“There’s more important things” than healthcare and education? Well, we know just how much value Drumpf Hat Guy puts on education, because he clearly slept through Social Studies (are they still even teaching it anymore?)

But hey, if buck-a-beer at the convenience store matters to you, or boozy tailgating at football games, or going faster on the major highways, hey, have at it. Just don’t expect any hospital beds to be open for you if you get the shit beaten out of you in a drunken brawl, or if you smuck up on the suddenly-much-faster 401.

The majority of Ontario did NOT vote for this, in any case.

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In which YouTube falls on its ass (and Steven Fucking Crowder shows his)

David Doel breaks it all down, with examples from his own channel, The Rational National:

And Michael Brooks’s analysis is also on point:

And don’t miss Shaun, who checked in a bit late on this, but is still very much worth watching, because he REALLY gets to the meat and potatoes of Crowder’s hatemongering:

With all this, there’s ample evidence that Steven Crowder is a hatemonger. He certainly has no problem hosting them on his show. And, as the old German saying goes, if ten people sit at a table with a Nazi (and don’t exclude him from the conversation), that means there are eleven Nazis at the table.

Now, we can say all we like about “guilt by association”, but Crowder doesn’t exactly go hosting (and promoting, and not-so-tacitly approving) any actual leftists and/or antifascists on his show. He doesn’t even debate them on his “change my mind” forays on campus; he prefers to pick on first-year students with little to no debate experience, learning, and life experience in general. In short: He only likes to “debate” those he can punch down on. No leading lights of the left on HIS show.

Whom DOES he invite, but NOT to debate? Racists. White supremacists. “Alt”-right proudboys. And oh yeah, actual fucking NAZIS. He never debates them; he kisses their asses, and touts them out the wazoo. He doesn’t merely associate with them; he fucking fraternizes with them, in the chummiest, wummiest way. He legitimizes them as some kind of brave, innovative, free thinkers (which they are not). Why? Oh, gee, could it possibly be because he actually believes their shit, too?

And he doesn’t stop them from spouting their hate and their crapaganda, because that might also mean checking his own bigotries (which are the entire basis of his so-called humor). To do so would, in turn, be to lose all those wannabe-edgy dumb kids who tune in to his show in order to get their confirmation that their racist, sexist, LGBT+-phobic views are, in fact, valid political positions and even, Bog help us all, “funny and cool”.

Which, incidentally, brings me to the real problem: YouTube itself. If you think Steven Fucking Crowder benefits from his own (and his guests’) loud and proud bigotry through views on YouTube, guess who benefits even more? Yup…YouTube itself. They and their parent company, Google, take such a hefty cut of the ad revenues that even popular creators make chicken feed by comparison.

Sure, they could demonetize all his videos (and, if they were following their own policies, they damn well ought to). They could kick him off their platform altogether, and they would be perfectly right to do so. But they won’t, because that’s millions of stupid-kid eyeballs that aren’t earning them that sweet, sweet ad revenue anymore. All they did was a wimpy-ass compromise where they (temporarily) wouldn’t allow ads on any of his videos where he hawks his homophobic t-shirts targeting Carlos Maza. The rest of his fascist shit is still being allowed to stand, unchallenged and still fully monetized. And with no danger of ever being yoinked, because big rich YouTube and Google just can’t bear to do without profiting off of it.

So, savor the ironies here: Steven Fucking Crowder, right-wing macho man, isn’t enriching himself half as much as he is doing it for Google and YouTube. He’s a nobody who depends on them for a platform, but they also depend on him…for dollars. They don’t really need him, but they choose to keep him around anyway, because he still makes them a shit-ton of money. That’s why they backtracked even on demonetizing him, and just went on letting him peddle his hate-merch unabated, and even let him rile up his fans to harass Carlos Maza and his family further. It’s the grossest and slimiest of symbioses.

And, oh yeah: There’s also the inconvenient fact that they have a history of marginalizing LGBT+ creators. So, not only are they happy to make money off Steven Fucking Crowder’s bigotry, they have a great deal of their own that they have yet to answer for.

Lucky for them that they enjoy virtual monopoly status…for NOW. Because the day that THAT ceases to be the case, their platform is going to collapse like a house of cards. I can’t wait for the day some brave, knowledgeable trust-buster takes an anti-monopoly ax to them; it’s a reckoning that’s long overdue.

Meanwhile, since this is depressing and we’re all in dire need of a good laugh, here’s the only moment in his entire sad-ass career where Steven Fucking Crowder was ever honest…or funny:

Those added sound effects from 2:50 on, Stevie…that’s what you need in order to be TRULY funny. And if you’re going to edit your videos to make yourself look better, then you need all the funnies you can get.

After all, you’re supposed to be a fuckin’ comedian.

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The long silence of the atomic veterans

They were human guinea pigs in early nuclear weapons tests, and they were sworn to secrecy as long ago as the 1950s. There aren’t many of them left. But they are talking…

They were threatened with treason charges, $10,000 fines, and ten-year prison sentences if they ever spoke out. Most went to their graves not having told a soul.

And the worst part is, the perpetrators of this crime against humanity have gone absolutely unpunished. It is the veterans of the tests who have borne all the punishment for over half a century now. And for what? All the cancer, all the genetic anomalies, have gone medically unstudied. All so the army could have its nuclear toys.


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Cops Behaving Badly: Because fuck the Hamilton Police, that’s why.

Yeah, this actually happened. And here’s how it was reported. Note the discrepancy:

Hamilton police are investigating a physical confrontation between two opposing groups at the Hamilton Pride festival at Gage Park on Saturday.

Jackie Penman, a Hamilton police spokesperson, said she “can’t say for sure” what sparked the altercation, but that a group of protesters clashed with a group attending the festival.

“I do believe there was a religious group there, and they were joined by some yellow vest protesters as well, and then some of the participants at the Hamilton Pride festival also got involved,” she said.

Uh, nice way of downplaying the fact that police effectively took the fascist side there, madame spokesperson of the cop shop.

And if you’re wondering what sparked the altercation, it’s simple: FASCISTS GOING TO PRIDE TO STIR UP TROUBLE, FUCKING DUH.

Oh, and then there’s this:

Although there were officers on duty at the event, Penman said altercations like this are “not a common occurrence at festivals like this.”

She added that police witnessed several minor injuries, but no victims or witnesses have come forward with information.

“Anyone that was injured at the festival, we would certainly encourage to come forward to police to report their injuries so we can investigate further,” Penman said.

Given the way the cops behaved in refusing to step in and arrest the fascists because waa-waa, boo-hoo, sulk-pout, they weren’t invited to Pride because of the long and storied history of police homophobia here in Canada, I’m not surprised that no one’s coming forward. If you want to build trust within your community, you have to be fucking trustworthy to start with. And that includes not treating sexual and gender diversity as crimes.

I’m not at all sure why this is so controversial, or so hard to understand. But cops do have a history (and in many places, an actual policy) of not hiring the brightest lights in the string either, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, fascism isn’t a smart person’s ideology.

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Ginblossoms Bannon is not looking good lately

Okay, so first off: I’m sorry I’ve been so long between posts. I’ve been busier than a squirrel’s tail getting things done around here. All the same, I’m sorry.

But you know who’s sorrier than me? THIS guy:

Yeah. Good ol’ Steve Bannon, who’s working so hard at making fascism happen again in Europe, where most people learned approximately one world war ago why that whole far-right thing was a Very Fucking Bad Idea, is having a rougher time of it than he ever expected. Italy, for example, is having none of his neofascist training academy. And when he tries to put a brave face on things (as if anyone could overlook those gin blossoms!), he gets called out on his bullshit by his interviewer.

Gawd, that’s even more fun than watching Ben “Gish Gallop” Shapiro get nailed:

…and believe me, that was pretty fun. Who else would call an arch-conservative like Andrew Neil a “leftist” for daring to question him, and thus unwittingly demonstrate that facts don’t care about Benny’s feelings either?

Anyhow. Thanks for bearing with me. On with the show.

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Quotable: Kiefer Sutherland’s clapback to Doug Ford

This ought to teach Dougie not to compare himself to an actually great Canadian. In fact, Tommy Douglas is the Greatest Canadian. And he won that title not by championing cutbacks (and breaks for the ultra-rich), but by making medicare accessible to all.

PS: If you’re wondering why Kiefer mentions his mom, it’s because she is Shirley Douglas…Tommy’s daughter. And like her dad, she’s an outspoken progressive who would take great umbrage at Dougie’s habit of stealing from the poor to curry favor with the rich.

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Donnie’s no-good, very-bad UK visit

Looks like Donnie’s in for a rough time during his time in Merry Old Brexitlandia. I mean, just look what greeted him from the plane earlier today:

And in case you think this was just a sausagefest, it was actually part of a serious protest:

A teenager has mowed an anti-Trump message, complete with a giant penis, into the grass of his family home ahead of the US president’s UK state visit.

Ollie Nancarrow spent his weekend mowing the words “Oi Trump” into his lawn, near Hatfield Heath, in Essex.

The 18-year-old also used the mower to etch a giant polar bear, penis and the words “climate change is real” into the grass, according to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent.

The A-level student hopes that the US president will spot his creation as Air Force One approaches Stansted Airport, which is near Hatfield Heath, on Monday morning.

“Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies in to Stansted on Monday,” he said.

Oi, indeed. I sure hope he saw that and takes it to heart.

And then there’s what was projected onto the Tower of London last night:

Heh, nothing like getting your egotistical nose rubbed into that Russian hotel mattress you paid those Russian call girls to befoul.

And of course, there’s also what’s set to follow him everywhere:

And the other embarrassing thing that’s set to follow him everywhere he, uh, GOES:

And oh yeah…his own words, just following him wherever the fuck he goes:

But hey! At least Melania should be amused. That is, if all that Botox ever lets her show any sign of it.

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Music for a Sunday: Here it comes…

This is for real.

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The Rational National mocks Sebastian Gorka

The Kraken has been unleashed, and its name…is Dav Dorka:

And the best part is that not only can David Doel perfectly mimic Wile E. Pickle’s buffoonish accent and intonation, but also his sticky-up hair (albeit accidentally).

Well done, you!

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Mueller to Congress: ITMFA!

He’s not saying that, of course. But he’s totally saying that, in his roundabout way:

Special counsel Robert Mueller said in a rare and remarkable public statement Wednesday his investigation could not clear President Donald Trump and that charging the President was not an option his office could consider.

In Mueller’s first public comments on the investigation since he was appointed special counsel two years ago, he emphasized that Justice Department guidelines did not allow him to charge a sitting President, and as a result his office did not determine whether the President had committed obstruction of justice.

“If we had confidence that the President clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so,” Mueller said. “We did not however make a determination as to whether the President did commit a crime.”

As he announced he was closing the special counsel’s office and resigning from the Justice Department, Mueller delivered a road map of how the investigation played out and the possible role that Congress could play in holding Trump accountable.

The “possible role that Congress could play” consists, of course, of IMPEACHMENT. You know, what they started to do with Nixon before he stepped down? And what they did do to Bill Clinton, who didn’t step down?

And if you’re wondering why he passed the matter along to Congress, it’s because his own job is constitutionally limited:

Charging Trump was “not an option” because Justice Department regulations prohibit charging a sitting president with a crime, Mueller said. His office was “bound by that policy.”

“It would be unfair to potentially accuse somebody of a crime when there can be no court resolution of an actual charge,” he said.

Mueller highlighted how the “Constitution requires a process other than” the criminal justice system to hold officeholders accountable, a clear signal that his obstruction investigation into Trump may be picked up by Congress.

Mueller called the subject of his investigation “of paramount importance,” and said that obstructing an investigation “strikes at the core of the government’s effort to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.”

In other words: Congress, get off your fucking duff and impeach the motherfucker already. You know, like that badass Rashida Tlaib made it clear she intended to do? Don’t leave her hanging. She can’t do it alone. Get up on your hind legs, all of you, and MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW. (Yes, even YOU, Nancy Fucking Pelosi!)

Best analysis (and summary of all the fallout) award goes to Jeff Waldorf here:

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